Dear costumers,

the following methods of payment are available in our online shop.

Prepayment/ Bank transfer

After your order, you get a confirmation of the order via mail. There you’ll find out bank details with the right of withdrawal and return. You can transfer the money to us via online banking or via conventional transfer in your bank. 1 or 2 workdays after your payment recipe we’ll send the product to you.

Payment via “PayPal”

If you have a PayPal account, you are very welcome to use it for the payment of your order. After your payment, we get a notification immediately, so we’re able to send your order off to you even faster.

If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, and wish to have one, you can get one at any time. Therefor you need to register on the page There you’ll find all the information how to get an account for the electronic payment transactions.

With PayPal, you have the possibility to pay via debit or credit card, depending on what you prefer. Your bank- or credit card-details are getting saved in your PayPal account and you don’t need to send them again anytime you buy something on the internet. It makes PayPal especially save and you are able to pay with just a few clicks. You have access on your bank- or credit card-details at all times, instead of enlisting them every single time again. A lot of buyers and sellers trust PayPal already. Every fifth online-buyer in Germany already has a PayPal-account and worldwide there are 150 million accounts in 190 countries.

Payment by credit card via PayPal Plus

When paying by credit card, you must provide your credit card number, the expiry date and the verification number during the ordering process using PayPal Plus. A PayPal account is not required for this payment method. As soon as you have completed the ordering process, we will receive your payment and we will send out your order as soon as possible. You can pay with both Mastercard and Visa.

Payment by direct debit via PayPal Plus

When paying by direct debit, you have to enter your account details, including the IBAN, during the ordering process using PayPal Plus. The invoice amount will then be automatically transferred from your account to ours. An account with PayPal is not necessary for this payment method, neither will the data be used by PayPal.